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Robert Tomoguchi began writing poetry at the age of thirteen and by age sixteen he changed his focus to short fiction. As an adult, he continues to write fiction and the occasional poem but has also penned stage plays and screenplays. He writes about his life in exactly one hundred words every single day on his blog.

Robert is a proud Banana Slug, having attended Porter College at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he received his degree in Modern Literary Studies in 1995. He primarily enjoys reading modern and contemporary literature, especially transgressive fiction. He self identifies as being part of the gothic subculture, and deadponies is his nickname within that subculture.

He has two pet tarantulas named Iphigenia and Orlando. He is diagnosed with major depressive disorder and sees both a psychiatrist and a psychologist. He follows a vegan diet.

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Subscribe to Robert’s Patreon page for sneak peeks at what he is currently writing. This includes previews to the sequel to The Scribbled Victims as well as Blood Sky: a new novel about a vampire struggling to survive in a post-war America where blood has become scarce due to the decimation of the human population following a global war. Robert encourages feedback from his readers and often asks for their input when needing character names, character traits, locations, or even story elements.

Books by Robert Tomoguchi

The Scribbled Victims

The Me and My Friend Maddie Gothic Book Series

A Gruesome Fairytale